Our client had a product that was being explored in seven indications by four different client teams and required a vast range of publication outputs at both a global and regional level. Communications had to be clear and streamlined to ensure that medical objectives for each indication were met. Processes had to be aligned to ensure the most tailored, efficient approach to project delivery.


Every publication is unique and must be treated with equal importance. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not promote excellence in publication planning and delivery – a tailored, flexible approach is always required.


We developed a customised, multi-channel, cross-indication publication plan agreed by the publication steering committee to ensure that the specific needs of the multiple client teams were met. Over the course of a five-year period, we worked, under the direction of the authors, to facilitate the submission of >400 abstracts and presentations and >200 manuscripts. We adapted our internal structure to mirror that of the client’s team to maximise efficiency and build expertise. We also developed new work-flow processes in collaboration with the client to ensure that a smooth approach could be adopted by both the client and CMC teams. We truly are an extension of the client and author teams, with this partnership enabling us to ensure every publication is delivered to exceptional standards.