Our client asked us to develop a communication strategy and plan for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) that would enable them to engage with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and support the adoption of best-practice guidelines for diagnosis and treatment. During the process of developing a strategy and plan, we identified a gap – a lack of a ‘one-stop shop’ where HCPs could obtain education on ADHD. We worked with the client team to develop a credible education programme with digital and on-line channels at its core.


ADHD is a complex disease and people with ADHD are often identified and treated by a variety of HCPs working together in a multidisciplinary team. There is no central resource for HCPs to access fair, balanced, credible and referenced information on the causes of ADHD, treatment options (both pharmacological and non-pharmacological) and disease progression over time.


We created a therapy-area portal, ensuring that the content was 100% tailored to the end user. The success of the portal was evident from the high number of daily visitors that quickly overtook ambitious targets. The portal was linked with other activities such as meetings and congresses and all content was developed as part of the overall communication plan. All content was developed so that it could be repurposed in a digital setting for maximum reach. We planned communications so that content was regularly updated (including mailers to registered users) and used metrics to establish which content was of most interest. Five years on since the portal was launched, the number of registered users continues to grow and the client is delighted with the credibility that the site has with customers and the engagement opportunities that have arisen from it.

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