CMC Affinity provides tailored solutions for all types of meetings from planning to meeting delivery, and the creation of enduring meetings materials. We make your life easier and enhance audience participation and learning – while adhering to meeting-specific guidelines and compliance requirements.

We support the development and communication of accurate content based on up-to-date data at both internal and external meetings including:

  • Steering committee management
  • Faculty identification and engagement
  • Programme development
  • Meeting theming
  • Meeting websites from registration to post-meeting forums
  • Innovative formats and structure – including multimedia presentations, technology-assisted audience participation and interactive sessions
  • Content development – ensuring key scientific messages evidenced by data are included
  • Speaker training and social media training
  • Faculty support – including contracting and honoraria
  • On-site management and delivery
  • All logistics
  • Enduring materials

CMC Affinity also has expertise in managing various congress and booth activities, including ideas to inspire attendees to visit promotional and medical/scientific stand areas and fully engage delegates with captivating booth content. For example:

  • Immersive experiences including virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality
  • Interactive walls
  • Location-based interactivity, using technology such as iBeacons
  • Interactive infograms, posters and mechanisms of action
  • Interactive case studies